mittens with cup of fluids

8 Ways to Stay Healthy When Everyone Around You is Sick

January 16, 2018 admin

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mittens with cup of fluids
8 ways to stay healthy when everyone around you is sick

Winter time is a joyous time of the year that allows us the opportunity to bond more with family and friends through the holidays. While this is a very meaningful time to so many people, it can bring in some harsh elements. Flu season along with many other illnesses spread rapidly in the winter time, here are 8 ways you can stay healthy when everyone around you is sick.

Wash your hands: Washing your hands with soap is the most effective way to not spread or catch germs that could make you sick. The proper way to wash your hands:

  • Wet your hands with warm water.
  • Apply soap.
  • Lather your hands while scrubbing the top and palms of your hands including in between your fingers while singing the Happy Birthday song twice.
  • Rinse your hands with warm water.
  • Dry thoroughly.

When unable to use soap and water you can use antibacterial gel, just remember soap and water is the more effective, so wash your hands as soon as possible.

Disinfect: Disinfectant spray and wipes are necessary in preventing spread of germs which will keep you protected. Be sure to read the instructions on the products you choose. These instructions vary from product to product so make sure you are using them correctly to get all the benefits from the product. While either at work or home you need to keep the following clean for your protection. Door knobs, handles, TV remotes, keyboards, mouse, phones, anything that is shared and the air. Speaking of air, fresh air is a natural cleaner, so if the weather permits open a window even if just for a few minutes a day.

Rest: Sleep is so important for the body. This is when the cells in the body can rest and repair themselves. While we sleep the body produces more white blood cells which help the body fight infection. Most people require 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Naps that last 20-30 minutes are great for increasing your mood and energy levels.

Don’t share: The people that we are around the most are people we love. During sickness we rely on loved ones for comfort but to stay health you need to love from a distance. You might need to put your loved one in a room to themselves until they are healthy again. Most illness is spread through droplets or the air, so protecting yourself from these are very important to your health. Refrain from sharing kisses or sleeping to close to others. Droplets are present on cups, silverware and other dishes. When sick it is common to run a temp which results in sweating so don’t share beds, blankets or pillows. Clean bedding and dishes in hot water. Once your loved one is feeling better throw away toothbrushes and replace with germ free brushes. If you have children clean toys thoroughly either with disinfectant or washing in hot water.

Exercise: It is recommended to exercise 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times week to receive the benefit of increased heart health and muscle strength. This will also give you the energy to care for those sick around you.

Healthy eating: We should eat healthy everyday but even more so when those around us are sick. Eat foods that are high in protein along with vegetables and fruits. Eat foods that will boost your immune system such as: yogurt (this is a probiotic), garlic (high in antiviral and antibacterial powers), and chicken noodle soup (the broth keeps secretions thin and the chicken releases powers to improve the lungs).

Drink plenty of fluids: Push, Push, and Push fluids. Drink 8 glass of water daily along with fluids such as orange juice and teas. Green and black teas are high in L-theanine which is an immune boosting.

Mind over Matter: Thinking and being positive make a difference in our health. If others around you are sick and you tell yourself, “I will not get sick” you are more likely to take precautions to prevent getting sick. While if you are determined you will get sick you will be less likely to take measures to stay healthy. Being positive and proactive can change many aspects in your mental health which in turn will improve your physical health.

To avoid the painful body aches, the runny nose, fever and coughs be proactive using the tips above to take your own life into your hands.

Hoping for a healthy winter for all. I challenge you to leave comments on what you do to prevent getting sick.


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