Ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Christmas Time
Selfless Acts

Selfless Act: Ringing Those Bells for the Benefit of Others

January 6, 2018 admin

Tis’ the season to be jolly………….. Not only jolly but a time to give back to those who need help. I have been told many times that I am a selfless person yet I have never agreed completely with that statement. Today I performed a selfless act that I was nervous about in the beginning but ended up being one of the greatest memories I will have.

Today I rang the bell for the Salvation Army. I have seen the bell ringers every Holiday Season in my life. You know the ones that stand outside the stores wearing the red apron ringing that loud annoying bell while standing by a red bucket they want you to put money in.

Hands putting money in a red bucket

I always try to not make eye contact because I either don’t have money or I just do not want someone making me feel pressured to put money in that bucket!! Sometimes these people are just standing there, ringing that bell with no emotion on their face. Looking as if they are ready to be done. While other times the bell ringer is super friendly, smiling and telling you Merry Christmas. I think how can someone be so cheerful all the time.

Well today I got to be that cheerful “Merry Christmas” person ringing my bell. I was nervous at first. I am a shy person by nature. With my buddy Charlene, who has a big personality we had a blast. We laughed while performing dance routines. Our kick line routine got lots of stares. Charlene almost hit several people in the head with her bell. The most popular was the hand jive to Jingle Bells. The main purpose of us being there was to raise money and we did. We filled our red bucket with money. More than that, we filled our souls (and others) with enjoyment.

We had the pleasure of putting smiles on so many people’s faces. Our laughter was shared to those who were walking up with no emotion on their faces. Compliments for our bright attitude and enjoyment and time. We not only gave but equally rec’d peace, joy and love to those who saw us today.

2 ladies ringing the salvation army bell in front of store

How does ringing the bell benefit others

Did you know that those who ring the bell are volunteers? People who give of their time to help benefit those in need. Did you know that all the money rc’d in those bright red buckets (or kettles) stays within the county it is rc’d? The county uses the money collected to help those in need.

I encourage everyone to add some joy to someone’s else’s life, you just might be surprised the enjoyment you get in your life. Merry Christmas!



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