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Top Forgotten Ways We Spread Sickness

January 13, 2018 admin

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You would be surprised at how easily we spread germs and sickness.
You would be surprised at how easily we spread germs and sickness.


As everyone knows, when you are sick the best thing you can do is to stay home. Yet for some reason, people still go to work, out to eat, run errands and shopping. What people do not realize is that they are spreading sickness and germs in so many common, yet forgotten ways.

Some of the obvious ways we spread germs are by touching door handles, everything in our bathroom and our bedding. What people do not tend to think of is all the ways germs are spread.

Doctor’s Office

1.}.Doctor’s office: I realize that when you are sick you go to the doctor but have some consideration for others who might just be there for a wellness check. Bring your own book, magazine or phone to look at and read while waiting. Use a tissue to cover your mouth when coughing or cough into your inner elbow. After coughing or wiping your runny nose you rub your hands down with antibacterial wipes and wash with soap and water as soon as possible. After leaving that urine sample for the nurse, wash your hands good and open the door with the napkins you just dried your hands with (this is good practice for everyone). I know you will see people you know but resist shaking hands or hugging, especially do not go near the cute little baby, this just spreads those germs.

If any way possible just stay home in bed and rest. Not all sickness needs prescription medications. Lots of sleep and over the counter medications can help with lots of illness.


2.} Shopping: hopefully the only shopping you will be doing is going to get your medicine at the pharmacy but while waiting do not just start touching everything. I know you want to look at all the different types of cold and flu medications but hopefully, you already have some at home. Every item a person picks up and puts back on the shelf will be covered in germs and sickness for the next person. When a sick person opens a door, touches the counter, or gets blood pressure checked (in the free machine) they are spreading germs.

You do not need to go to the store, nope send a loved one for you. I know most stores have antibacterial wipes so that we can wipe those germs off the handle but think, do you always grab that buggy by the handle, because I know I sometimes grab and pull at the other end. What about the food you touch and decide to put back…. germs left for others. All other shopping can wait until you are better.


Sickness kit for when you have germs
Sickness kit for when you have germs


Send a loved one to the store for you. Keeping a “sickness kit” including chicken noodle soup, crackers, Gatorade, water, and medication is a good way to be prepared. You can also keep on hand a few different medications that work for you to avoid having to spread your germs to the pharmacy. Once you use this kit, restock when feeling better.





3.} Transactions: this is how you pay when at the doctor’s office, pharmacy or another place of business. I love using my debit card because I know it only touches my hand (most of the time.) Let’s talk cash, this is some dirty germy money, you see everyone who has ever touched it has left some germs and sickness. You could be passing on your germs to the cashier or the cashier could be giving you their germs, either way too many germs. Machines that assist you in paying with credit or debit cards are handy but still germ carriers….those buttons you push when putting in your code……have the germs.

My pen, what you need to borrow it, here you can just keep it because I do not want your germs when I get it back. Pens are on the top of the list of ways germs are spread. I sure hope you are not putting that pen in your mouth.

Stay home when sick, the only transactions needing to occur are you in your bathroom, then spray with disinfectant spray, HeHe.

Going Out to Eat

4.} Going out to Eat: When you go out to eat you are exposing the wait staff, other customers and even the kitchen area where all customers meals will be cooked. Some germs spread in the air. EEWE. Plus, when you touch the menu, germs; when you walk through the doors you touch; even your table and chair (this is adjusted multiple times during a meal). When you pay…the money (cash as mentioned above), the machine your sick kid has played games on the entire meal that you are now paying the bill with is now covered in germs and the next customer will be exposed.

You don’t need to go out to eat, you need to be home eating chicken noodle soup and crackers.


5.} Technology: Technology is something I am still learning.  Listed below are ways germs are spread through technology:

  • Shared computers
  • Loaning someone your cell phone
  • Charging stations
  • Coffee shops with group computers
  • Cell phone stores, with all the samples to play with
  • Fast food places with games for playing
  • Video game stores and all the germs on each game

The only technology you need when sick is to lay in bed binge-watching TV shows and movies.


After writing this post I have scared myself to leave my home.  I feel that I need a mask on my face and gloves on my hands, haha. I have to tell myself not to go to the extreme. Exposure to germs allows us to build up our immune systems, however, everyday germs are better than sickness germs. No matter what sickness you carry the best thing for you and everyone else is for you to stay home. Drink plenty of fluids and sleep until feeling better. The rest of the world will continue without you. Once healthy, you will be well rested and full of speed.



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